Reopening September 7th 2022

Wed - Sat from 18:00

Sommerrogaten 1 (Entrance trough Ahaan)
+47 22 56 43 00
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About us

Plah opened January 2004 and was the first modern Thai restaurant in Scandinavia. So, after 18 years in our location in Hegdehaugsveien, we are now moving on to a new location and a new era of Plah, opening September 7th this year

Our food has changed and developed through these years, out of our own experience, through our travels to Thailand, and due to time.

We have found our path and will develop even more through the coming years. And we are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you.

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“Thaifood is all about freshness, and the balance between sweet, salt, sour, and bitter.” Terje Ommundsen

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